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Dornoch cathedral

Rev. Susan Brown

We live in a world that's growing ever smaller. I don't mean I think it's shrinking - it's just that these days you can go virtually anywhere, any time (even from the Highlands!) and through mobile phones, PDA's, wireless laptops, websites and the rest you can keep in touch with everyone from Dornoch to Dunkirk, to Dunedin and from Embo to the Emirates!
Wherever we are in the world though, there's a message we need to hear. God is with us. There may be places with no signals for mobiles; other places with no satellite coverage and even no telephone lines - but there is nowhere we can go that puts us beyond the reach of God.

That thought may make you feel slightly nervous - leaving you with a picture of God as the ultimate Big Brother watching over every word you speak, every move you make, but he's not watching in that kind of way.

Imagine having put your child to bed and you nip upstairs later just to check on him/her. You stand at their bedside, quietly... That's how God watches over us: longing to do everything he can for us and loving us so fully it feels as though his heart might burst.

If you're in the area then why not join us some Sunday? If you have any enquiries regarding the Cathedral or congregational life then you can contact the minister or the Session Clerk.

No church is perfect. We can only do our best and hope that others are able to catch even just the tiniest glimpse of the God we live for.

Because we think he's worth knowing.

Rev. Susan Brown

We are a congregation of the Church of Scotland (you can find out more about the Church of Scotland HERE).

The Cathedral is a 13th Century Parish Church set in the heart of the Royal Burgh of Dornoch, seeking to serve the wider community in which it lies along with its sister churches. The parish extends out from Dornoch to Embo, along Loch Fleet, staying on the south side of the Loch as the road crosses the A9, up past Little Torboll to Loch Buidhe down via Sleastary to the sawmill at Ospisdale and then on down to the Dornoch Firth - following the Firth along on the northern side until it reaches Dornoch again.

We offer regular services on Sundays and other special occasions. Morning services are at 11am and we hold evening Songs of Praise mid-May to mid-September at 7pm.

Communion is celebrated on the third Sundays of February, June and November as well as on Easter Sunday evening.

A list of organisations and their contacts is available covering everything from Toddler's groups, through to the Guild.

Information on weddings is also available.

We have a group of volunteers to welcome visitors to the Cathedral in the summer, mid-May to mid-September from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

We try our best to answer your questions and give you an insight into our lovely church. We also have a few things for sale which we think are relevant to a place of worship, but the main reason for our being there is to make you feel welcome and hope that you leave us a bit more informed, with happy memories of your visit.

We want to hear about your association with the Cathedral. Feel part of our family no matter where you are in the world. Let us know about your connections to the Cathedral via our response form HERE.

A charity registered in Scotland, no. SC000315