A Taste of Ukraine Lunch

Recently, over 80 people enjoyed Ukrainian food and friendship organised by our Cathedral Womens Group. The West Church Hall was beautifully decorated in Ukrainian national colours.

After the lunch was opened with prayer we had one minutes silence and a toast with UZVAR a tasty beverage made with apples, honey and spice. The Toast was: Glory to Ukraine – Glory to the Heroes

We sipped our Uzvar and 3 times called out WOODMO (Bon Appel).

The Soup course was BORSCHT which is beetroot soup served with sour cream. This was followed by PIEROGI / VARENYKI, savoury vegetarian dumplings. To finish we tasted KIELBASA, which is a chocolate cake, and served with tea and coffee.

Nearly £1,000 was raised with all proceeds being donated to a Church of Scotland link Church in Hungry where Ukrainian refuges are safe from the war.