Christmas Wreath


Friday 1st December to Nativity Sunday, 24th December at 11am – find 5 minutes to come and meet Shalom the Star and join the Follow the Star Trail. This is perfect for little ones and parents and grandparents together, wanting to find out a little bit about what Christmas is all about. As you follow the trail, you’ll listen for noises, find things, draw, give yourself a hug – or hug each other – and more besides; and at the end there will be a special invitation, just for YOU!

Saturday, 2nd December at 3.30pm – St. Andrew’s Fair – Carols in the Cathedral

Sunday 10th December, 2-4pm – The Makers @ Advent in the West Church Hall. Come and find a wee bit of what you need as Christmas nears. This is a one-off event (unless you like it and want to do more) for anyone of any age, families and folk on their own, for those who go to church and those who wouldn’t dream of it. It’s for folk wanting to make space to explore Christmas in their own way or maybe just enjoy some space before December gets too crazy. There will (probably! it’s all in the planning!) be: snacks and drinks, games to play around the table, Lego, crafts to try, a prayer space, stories to explore. Come along and give it a go? You might just feel better for it.

Tuesday 12th December at 7pm – in the Cathedral, Carols for Christian Aid

Sunday, 24th December at 11am – Family Christmas Service

Sunday 24th December at 11.30pm – Watchnight Service with Carols from 11pm

Monday, 25th December at 10am – Christmas Day Service