CONCERT: Restoring Scaramella – The Hortus Choir

On Friday, 21st June at 7.30pm in Dornoch Cathedral.  Doors open at 7pm:  ALL WELCOME

Dornoch Cathedral is the venue for a most special musical performance of Obrecht’s Scaramella mass, written in the late 15th century, by the Hortus Choir. Only two of the four voice parts survives intact, the other two having been lost.
However, composer and musicologist Fabrice Fitch, drawing on his extensive knowledge of the music of the time, has painstakingly reconstructed the mass although not precisely as Obrecht originally wrote.
Hortus is a new choir singing one voice per part and specialising in early music. We are very proud to present in this programme the first time that this mass has been heard in the UK for at least 525 years (or possibly ever!).